Dr. David Albright


Unique, Evidence-Based Solutions to Military Mental Health Challenges


Researching and advocating for underserved populations.

Dr. David L. Albright's foresight into strategic opportunity creation in healthcare is valued by state, national, and international actors. His eye for disruptive capacity building has been employed by policymakers, academic institutions, and within the private sector. Dr. Albright's days as a U.S. Army infantry officer ignited in him a profound empathy for his fellow military veterans. Over the years, his passion to reach and serve the military community has expanded to rural and aging populations at risk for substance use or co-occurring mental health disorders. Today, his work focuses on developing integrated behavioral health programs and building professional and community supports to make such programs sustainable.


Areas of expertise.

capacity building

The world of healthcare is ever growing and evolving. Dr. Albright thinks critically about how to unite communities, healthcare providers, policymakers, and funding sources to care best for underserved populations.

implementation research 

Linking research to practice is a complex undertaking. However, Dr. Albright taps into more than a decade of experience to help healthcare practitioners around the globe effectively weave innovation into new or existing programs.

opportunity creation

As healthcare policy fluctuates and evolves, Dr. Albright taps into his uncanny ability to help organizations anticipate and prepare for these changes.

Behavioral health

Physical health, mental health, and behavioral health are often siloed in both research and treatment. Dr. Albright guides accountable leaders to integrate all elements of health to produce effective programming.

strategic insights

Dr. Albright can provide critical strategic insights to help you build and strengthen your organization or programs. Thorough and unbiased, Dr. Albright's insights can ease change management.

Community-based participatory approaches 

How might communities creatively partner with researchers and provider organizations to ensure best outcomes? Dr. Albright leads, trains, and advises stakeholders as they consider how to share resources and build partnerships.


Intensely hardworking, (Dr. Albright) is genuinely dedicated to the social work profession and in advancing the evidence-based foundations of social service programs.
— Bruce Thyer